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Multi-channel video Installation

projected onto wood panel triptych

4 min. 21 s.

Eve explores the relationship between art images and advertising images as propaganda, questioning how grand narratives have been constructed through archiving and history, and how contemporary imagery continues to reinforce these narratives through technology, media, and propaganda, to the point where It is said “we live more in a world of images that real life.”


Working from Heironymus Bosch’s The Garden of Earthly Delights, this video installation  deconstructs the original painting, isolating details, and superimposing contemporary imagery in order to reconstruct the triptych and explore alternative narratives. 


Departing from the idea that in the original work, the creation of woman, or Eve, is the start of an allegorical warning story which leads to sinful desire and then inevitably, hell. The work questions how this narrative structure has influenced society compared to how images of today construct a gender-specific mode of thinking and behaviour.

Exhibited at Galeria Joan Prats, (06. 2023) Barcelona

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