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This is a Diptych, 2023

5-part Multichannel Video Installation

3 minutes 45 seconds

This is a Diptych is a visual essay exploring the ways in which things are polarised or divided into twos, socially, historically and politically and how this gesture has been instrumentalized in order to construct certain ways of thinking.

The installation consists of five projections in conversation with one another and an audio reciting a compilation of notes taken on the subject of dichotomies. It calls attention to the complexity of conventional dualities, and the wide spectrum of possibilities that exist in the liminal space between“opposites.” It challenges the stable definition of a diptych, (a piece of art consisting of two sides) and uses it as a parameter to explore dichotomies, the idea of the other, the reflection, pairs, poles, compliments and opposites. What happens when two opposing ideas are brought into proximity? By recognising something’s opposite can we better understand it?

Images and information have, and have long been, instrumentalized to organize people into two sides of the spectrum. Their choices help individuals define their identities, their beliefs, and the communities that they become a part of.  For me, a contemporary diptych has more than two sides.  Using five screens to represent binaries speaks to the complexity of these “pairs.” 

Exhibited during "House on Fire" at FOC, Barcelona May 2023

Exhibited during "Estados de Tránsito" at Cento Cívico Verdaguer, Barcelona November 2023

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