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Red, 2021


(1.50 x 6.50 m)

This installation is composed of 562 eight cm square magazine cutouts organised by colour and tone. It is an investigation of “red” as a colour, concept and feeling, and the infinite ways in which red exists.

Joseph Albers said, “only by observing colour in the push and pull of context can one begin to understand it” This idea forms the basis of my investigation as I play with “red” in various contexts while also questioning whether changing the context of any word can one begin to understand its meaning.

I worked from a collection of found images, making selections based their color composition and whether their content transmitted “redness” as a concept. Many of the images depict human flesh, blood, nation, flags, war, political parties, religion, masculinity, and femininity, among others, highlighting the non-linearity of the word’s meaning. The result was a newly curated archive of roughly 600 varying images that challenge the stable meaning of the word. 

red notes_edited.jpg
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